A World of Steam and Sorcery

A Cane Safely Returned

Session 5

Edendalia led by Jacqueline Parsons made her way into the hidden room behind the fireplace. It was there that Edendalia found a cane with a silver motif of a dragon’s head holding an emerald as the grip. This fit the description given by Albertson to the tee. Seeing it prudent to retrieve the cane Edendalia decided to recover all five items in the hidden room, which she sispected to be stolen. She very clearly and sternly convinced that if these stolen items made it to auction that Jacqueline would be in severe trouble. Jacqueline allowed Edendalia to take the items with her with no resistance. In return for her cooperation Edendalia gave only a slap on the wrist and proceeded back to headquarters. On her way back she noticed Artemis Hellstrom sneaking into the neighboring estate across the street.

Artemis made his way up to the landing and made quick work of the lock barring entry. He roamed the top floor pocketing anything he saw of worth quickly and then headed back out as he could hear a gathering in the parlor with light piano music and conversations downstairs. He then made his way to Eramus Spindle and pawned off the wares for a decent price.

After all parties arrive back at GingerStache Headquarters, Edendalia sends word to Sir Richard Albertson that the cane has been retrieved. Sean Dresden agrees to see his colleague, Richard Lassiter, about finding information on the other stolen items. Artemis shows the group the plans for modified Spring-Heeled Boots that he pocketed from the Parson’s estate.

Around 10 pm, the Gnome show’s up at the door to pick up his missing cane. He looked it over intently and after verifying that it appeared unaltered and unopened, he divvyed out the entire bill due, including the hush money. Edendalia put up 10£ for licencing fees as it would be coming up in a month’s time.

The next day Sean went to Lassiter’s office to inquire about the stolen goods bringing a pocket watch. Lassiter recognized the watch as belonging to a friend of his and sent a patrol officer to the household. After the man appeared and did confirm the watch was his and had been stolen, the over arching story of the new string of robberies came to light to Scotland Yard. It would have appeared that members accosted by these Spring-Heeled Jacks had fallen into a sort of support group as they did not want their good names soiled by being associated with less than savory activities. While Lassiter questioned the victim Sean decided to check up on their lost associate,Gus McBearden. It would seem that he had been working non-stop on augmenting amputees with supplies being brought to him from an urchin that works at his scrapyard. The medical ward was more than happy to be rid of him and payed for him to leave. Lassiter asked Sean if he could bring in the other items in question as he would be contacting all the known people accosted by Spring-Heeled Jacks.

Edendalia and Sean returned with the items in question and sure enough each was claimed, but there were more victims than items. Lassiter asked Edendalia how they found all this and she said that they finished a similar case of thievery and all the items were found at different pawn shops. While they were in the station, Edendalia decided to consult Lord George Mace on the supposed vampire case. Mace said that members of the guild were to be coming in soon and that his personal opinion was unlicensed practitioner of thaumatology and also necromancy.



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