A World of Steam and Sorcery

Drunken Visions

Session 7

Edendalia and Artemis make their way to the Ten Bells Pub to meet with the others who decided to patron the bar as soon as the investigation was over. When there Edendalia finds Gus and Sean enjoying themselves with a troupe of actors and seemingly not doing any real investigating. Edendalia pulls Sean aside to question what he has gathered so far. He tells her of the small leads they had gotten and asked if he could go back to socializing. When they returned to the table Edendalia inquired Lady Miriam what her purpose amoung the Troupe as she was not noticeably an actor. The Lady reveals that she is a benefactor of “The Pavillion” and takes great interest in the works that get produced within its walls.

Artemis and Gus eventually leave the bar and head back. Edendalia and Sean decide to close out the bar. As they exit the bar, a gnome hag begins to accost them by shouting verbal warnings of a burning city and the end of times. She reaches out her hand to grab hold of Sean but Edendalia seizes her had first to try and stop the hag. The hag with great resolve still latches onto Sean’s shoulder and both Sean and Edendalia slip into a vision.

In this vision they see the City burning before them as the dead walk the streets and a great winged beast made of mechanical debris held together by massive electrical arcs resembling the shape of a dragon.

As they fall out of the vision, the Hag passes out and Edendalia decides to escort her to the office, via carriage, where the Hag could have the spare bunk to rest. Questioning would be held in the morning.

Artemis made his way down to Blood, Bath, and Beyond to check on information on Croyle. While he was there he noticed some of the clientele appeared peckish in palor. Artemis warned The Contessa of the possibility of supernatural infection that may be spreading in her brothel due to her previously missing lady of the evening. She took this to heart and said she would find ways to help ward and stave the spread. His conversation also revealed that Croyle has a warehouse he frequents.

In the morning, the Hag wakes up and has no recollection of the night before. Edendalia offers her some tea to help clear her mind of the hangover but the hag asks for more booze and tosses the tea to the floor. The Hag was promptly thrown out.

Sean researched what he could on the vision he had the night before. The most he could come up with was some sort of new electricity and scrap golem, an elemental, or perhaps a new engineering marvel.

Edendalia visited Lord George Mace at the precinct. Mace updates her on the “Vampire” case that there is heavy observation and agents preparing some sort of action. When the events of the hag are described to him, he identifies the hag as Barbara Collings an old drunkard of a Gnome who thinks that Alcohol helps unleash he Spiritualist abilities. Unfortunately her “visions” are rarely every true anymore. Lord George Mace though was very intrigued that she impressed a vision into the pair. This was unheard of. After this Edendalia made her way to the Ten Bells Pub for lunch and to further investigate the group there. Unfortunately nothing of interest came of this.

Sean went down into Gus’s lab and asked him about Marvel Builders in London and was directed to Dr. Hannah Morgan a colleague of sorts.

Artemis made his way to the warehouse in question and found that there were men posted at the entrance. He was able to talk the guards into letting him see Croyle. During their conversation Artemis finds out that Croyle dislikes the Doyles and finds out that the children have been hanging around a Dylan and a Mr. Harrington. Dylan was a playwrite and Mr. Harrington is usually around the docks in Wapping. It was also notable that Croyle seemed to be working on a Marvel hidden under a tarp. It had four legs and there was an opening in the ceiling that had crane equipment. Artemis and Croyle began talking about bringing down the upperclass and may have struck off on a good note about the Marvel and possible help in his construct. Artemis left a forwarding address to the Blood, Bath, and Beyond.



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