A World of Steam and Sorcery

A Cane Safely Returned
Session 5

Edendalia led by Jacqueline Parsons made her way into the hidden room behind the fireplace. It was there that Edendalia found a cane with a silver motif of a dragon’s head holding an emerald as the grip. This fit the description given by Albertson to the tee. Seeing it prudent to retrieve the cane Edendalia decided to recover all five items in the hidden room, which she sispected to be stolen. She very clearly and sternly convinced that if these stolen items made it to auction that Jacqueline would be in severe trouble. Jacqueline allowed Edendalia to take the items with her with no resistance. In return for her cooperation Edendalia gave only a slap on the wrist and proceeded back to headquarters. On her way back she noticed Artemis Hellstrom sneaking into the neighboring estate across the street.

Artemis made his way up to the landing and made quick work of the lock barring entry. He roamed the top floor pocketing anything he saw of worth quickly and then headed back out as he could hear a gathering in the parlor with light piano music and conversations downstairs. He then made his way to Eramus Spindle and pawned off the wares for a decent price.

After all parties arrive back at GingerStache Headquarters, Edendalia sends word to Sir Richard Albertson that the cane has been retrieved. Sean Dresden agrees to see his colleague, Richard Lassiter, about finding information on the other stolen items. Artemis shows the group the plans for modified Spring-Heeled Boots that he pocketed from the Parson’s estate.

Around 10 pm, the Gnome show’s up at the door to pick up his missing cane. He looked it over intently and after verifying that it appeared unaltered and unopened, he divvyed out the entire bill due, including the hush money. Edendalia put up 10£ for licencing fees as it would be coming up in a month’s time.

The next day Sean went to Lassiter’s office to inquire about the stolen goods bringing a pocket watch. Lassiter recognized the watch as belonging to a friend of his and sent a patrol officer to the household. After the man appeared and did confirm the watch was his and had been stolen, the over arching story of the new string of robberies came to light to Scotland Yard. It would have appeared that members accosted by these Spring-Heeled Jacks had fallen into a sort of support group as they did not want their good names soiled by being associated with less than savory activities. While Lassiter questioned the victim Sean decided to check up on their lost associate,Gus McBearden. It would seem that he had been working non-stop on augmenting amputees with supplies being brought to him from an urchin that works at his scrapyard. The medical ward was more than happy to be rid of him and payed for him to leave. Lassiter asked Sean if he could bring in the other items in question as he would be contacting all the known people accosted by Spring-Heeled Jacks.

Edendalia and Sean returned with the items in question and sure enough each was claimed, but there were more victims than items. Lassiter asked Edendalia how they found all this and she said that they finished a similar case of thievery and all the items were found at different pawn shops. While they were in the station, Edendalia decided to consult Lord George Mace on the supposed vampire case. Mace said that members of the guild were to be coming in soon and that his personal opinion was unlicensed practitioner of thaumatology and also necromancy.

Visiting High Society
Session 4

It was the morning of the third day since Gingerstache began investigating the whereabouts of a gnome’s missing cane, and on this morning Sir Richard Albertson returned to see what progress had been made.

Edendalia informed him that they had a lead and that he should check back in a couple days time. The gnome seemed worried and fidgety over the cane still being missing. Both Edendalia and Sean Dresden seemed to pick up on his unease and he mentioned that he will have to inform his patient that the exorcism can not be performed until a later date. Sean took particular interest in the fact that it was an exorcism, as spirits are his speciality and offered to give him a second opinion on whether it was indeed a demon of the first circle of the Pale or just a malevolent spirit. On the way to the clinic, Sean continued to pry information from the gnome, finding that Sir Richard Albertson kept falling over details of his story until the gnome finally confessed that the cane was not needed for an exorcism. It was a Florentine Cane containing sensitive materials to his person. At that point, Edendalia and Sean decided to extort Sir Richard Albertson of more money if the cane is returned with an untarnished reputation. The deal was struck at 8£ a day minus 1£ each day down to 4£ from the original 8£ a day flat.

After returning to the office, Edendalia Stache decided to contact Gerald Temen about Jacqueline Parsons’ charity balls. Artemis Hellstrom decided to case out Jacqueline’s residence at the same time.

Edendalia found out that Gerald Temen decided not to attend this ball and instead sold his ticket to as he stated, a lower class individual to help drive the auction prices up a bit as they aspire to own something of status. He had no interest in the auction this go around. With this information, Edendalia decided to see if she could pose as a inspection agent to make sure that there were no contraband or stolen goods possibly going to auction.

Artemis Hellstrom made his way to the residence and cased both the Parsons’ estate and the closest neighbor. He found that the Parsons estate had a fairly open point of entry on the 3rd floor widow’s walk and her neighbor was a little more secure but the second floor looked as if a swift lock picking could resolve the defenses of the second floor. Artemis made way to the widow’s walk being mindful of the grounds keeping crew and made purchase on his second try with a grappling hook. Sneaking in he found small jewelry and trinkets in the third floor bedroom that he would send to the pawn shop along with 2 heart stones that could be useful for powering marvels with magic in the workshop. The workshop also contained schematics for modifying Spring-Heeled boots, which he pocketed. He made his way to the 2nd floor where he found an ogre (possibly Jacqueline’s coach driver) ordering the wait staff around as if he held a higher position. As he attempted searching other rooms he eventually blindsided into the ogre as he exited a room near the stairwell. The ogre recognized that Artemis was not normal staff and attempted to raise alarm. Artemis being cunning attempted to depants the ogre by removing his belt. The belt binded on the belt loops of the ogre and caught on the sleeve of Artemis. It was at this time that Artemis drew upon the dancing lessons he was recieving from The Contessa de Mirenburg as a way to blend in at the Charity Ball whilst hopefully retrieving the cane. Artemis flourished towards his brutish partner with an eyebrow raised and took him closer. As he swept up his partner, so befuddled by the approach, they began to spin as Artemis deftly untangled the belt, and backed away from the ogre while simultaneously shoving him. The ogre fell uncontrolably down the flight of stairs as Artemis vanished back up the stairs and from the premises.

Edendalia, in the meantime had successfully bluffed her way to inspect the items that were to be included in the auction. She found no dubious items, including the Florentine Cane, but did feel a draft from the fireplace. Noticing that there were identical bronze statuettes permanently affixed to the mantle Edendalia ran her fingers about the statues feeling for inconsistency as she reviewed the auction items. Finding a small bump in one she pressed and the interior wall of the fireplace lowered in the floor. Raising an eyebrow at Jacqueline Parsons she used the “letter of the law” to intimidate her way to being shown what lied beyond the fireplace.
Vampires and Thralls
Session 3

The group was shown to the Aetheric Division, and more specifically the office of one Lord George Mace. He was a slender Eldren Man sitting behind an oak desk with green felting on the top and currently looking through what looked like case files.

As Lassiter introduced the group,Sean Dresden began babbling his case unwarrented. Edendalia calmed him down and began clarifying the finer points of the case to the inspector. As the discussion came to an end, Mace agreed that the Aetheric Division would look into Barsavi and his residence. Edendalia asked to check in on the case later and was allowed. Mace commented that this may just be nothing more than an illegal practitioner of Thaumaturgy and the guild would likely be involved in this investigation as well.

Artemis Hellstrom made his way back into Mayfair to visit “Blood, Bath, and Beyond” for the ticket. Upon arriving he was greeted byThe Contessa de Mirenburg who handed him the ticket for the Charity Ball. She thanked him for his work as Arabella had returned. Artemis asked if there was anything different about her. The Madame replied with that her skin was pallor in complexion but nothing else.

When Artemis got back to Sean Dresden‘s book shop he reported about Arabella’s condition. The group then looked further into the lore of Nosferatu. While looking for information Sean Dresden asked for help from his deceased grandfather. Grandma instead answered his call by hurling a tome at his skull. All that remained were campfire stories to chill the bones. It would seem there was much lore on weaknesses such as sunlight , garlic, and stakes. It seemed that the may not be concrete. What did seem interesting though was that the tome did go on and describe that there were apparently different bloodlines of Nosferatu. Not all who are bitten convert. Only those with the blood shall turn. Each bloodline called to a type of vampire. Seven types in all. Each with apparent pensions for particular vices. Greed, Lust, Gluttony…

The group also debated on a plan of what to do about retrieving the missing cane, now that they had the ticket to enter the Charity Ball. No concrete decision was made.

The group decided that Lust may be a fit for this Barsavi. Artemis Hellstrom made his way back into Mayfair to visit “Blood, Bath, and Beyond” one further time. He inquired about Arabella before this incident and found out that she had always been in high demand as she was top of her craft. It did not appear that her pallor was passed to patrons or other working ladies. He also found out that Barsavi would regularly contract an escort for some event or another about once a month.

A Dive into Darkness
Session 2

Artemis Hellstrom had returned to the headquarters of Gingerstache Investigations with the news of the new lead. Being a known philanthropist, the group looked into any possible events Jacqueline Parsons may be holding. A charity ball would be coming up in three days time. One held to raise funding for the Southwark Orphanage.

Artemis Hellstrom thought of a possible route in obtaining the elusive invite to the charity ball and headed to “Blood, Bath, and Beyond” in the Mayfair district. A brothel of reputation. The Madame there, has dirt on every high standing gentleman it would seem. On his way there there was a shop with a crate delivered to the stoop that caught his eye. Being the silver tounged devil he is Artemis conned a passerby to help him open the crate by posing as the shop keep. Inside he found a Desk Clock with the ability to serve out two beverages. Seeing an eye for profit he had it sent to a pawn broker. At the brothel, Artemis sought out The Contessa de Mirenburg for information. She knew of a man who had left his invite carelessly in her house of desires and would remit it to a new owner if they could help her with a problem that or £15.

It would seem that one of her escort girls, Arabella, has gone missing. Her last customer was a man by the name of Barsavi to a New Year’s Festival in Hyde Park. He owns an expansive villa in Bayswater.

Upon returning with the information that finding this girl would get them an invite, Edendalia sent a quick message to this Barsavi to arrange a meeting of which he graciously invited her to his villa in the morning.

The next day, Edenalia ,Sean Dresden, and Gus McBearden headed over to the villa. Edenalia tried to head out by herself but the other two in protest decided to follow her regardless. Upon arriving at the villa, the doorman would only let in Edendalia as she was the one invited. She was shown to the waiting room.

Sean Dresden and Gus McBearden concocted a plan to get inside and walked away and then back in thin disguises. After a long winded introduction as a renowned exorcist Sean convinced the doorman that he was hired to clear the house of dark spirits. The doorman showed them to a side room where he admitted there seemed to be dark spirits haunting.

Barsavi asked Edendalia what might bring her to him and she informed him that there had been a missing person case brought to her. The girl was last seen with this man. Barsavi smiled and assured her that the girl was sent on her way after the night was through, unharmed. In the course of her interrogation a mirror caught Edendalia‘s eye. Or more so that something was missing in the mirror. Barsavi’s reflection.

Sean Dresden and Gus McBearden continued their charade trying to weed out fake spirits so to meet back up with Edendalia when Sean unintentionally tapped into his medium abilities and a dark secret was revealed unto him. He could sense dead bodies everywhere in this manor. Including the doorman. With this information, he informed the doorman he must go and curtailed Gus along with him, while keeping his motive hidden. On the bumbling way out they crossed paths with Edendalia as she was trying to excuse herself as she had all the information she would need.

When the group reassembled at Sean’s bookshop to do some research and find tomes referring to Nos Feratu. Sean decides to see an old contact of his, Richard Lassiter the police detective, in hopes of guidance.

Lassiter after hearing Sean’s description backed by Edenalia’s story then shows the group to the Arcane Division. After repeated propositions for prosthetic enhancements from Gus McBearden, Lassiter shows him to the Med Ward to solicite there.

Of Canes and Devil Thieves
Session 1

We begin such an adventure as many do… with a lack of adventure. The party is found assembled at the Headquarters of GingerStache Investigations in Marylebone. There has been a lull in crime as of recent and they have not seen much of any intrigue in the cases they receive. It is on this dim and foggy morning that a Gnome walks through the door. An odd sight for the morning, as gnomes are mostly comfortable in nocturnal settings. He introduces himself as Sir Richard Albertson and presents them with a case.

It would seem that as this Hermeticist Physician was returning from a shift at a clinic he works at he was mugged in Whitechapel. Nothing too severe. But when he came to, his cane was missing. A wyrmwood cane with silver knot work at the top holding in a sizable emerald stone. He claims that he uses it to aid in exorcism. He would like it back as soon as possible and offers £1 per day for each member if found within 48 hours and then a £1 for the entire group for any time taken past that.

Although there seemed to be missing details about his story that seemed fishy, he did seem genuine in the fact that he was mugged and that he genuinely needed the cane back. The group agreed and set off to the sight where the mugging took place.

At the site, Sean Dresden contacted the Spirit Realm to give insight on the happenings of the night before. The spirits confirm the mugging and that the strike seemed to come from the rooftops. A set of footprints with the heels distinctly crushing the cobblestone and a small pocket bomb was found. Gus McBearden took the pocket bomb back to his workshop for further analysis. Edendalia decided to question some of the local flavor she used as informants in the region. They headed to a nearby gambling den run by Patience Scroggins. Negotiations were rocky at first but after a hard run down of reality by Edendalia, the name of a recent gang of thieves came up: The Spring-Heeled Jacks. The Jacks seem to target the wealthy and pawn off the goods in Marlyebone. They also came up with the locations of muggings and the missing items.

Artemis Hellstrom chose to break off from the group and investigate a fencing contact he had. The remaining members headed to the next site.

In his workshop, Gus McBearden attempted to discern the chemical agents in the pocket bomb and inadvertently caused the hallucinogenic gas to spray in his face. After which he took the time to reconstruct the bomb but failed in doing so completely. It looked like the bomb but would fall apart at the slightest touch.

At the second site, Sean Dresden once again contacted the Spirits, yet was denied evidence as it had been too long since the crime. Edendalia found darts in the wall and they were taken as evidence. Footprints were also found with the same heel pattern.

At the third site, Sean Dresden was distinctly denied by the spirit realm of any information causing a small amount of physical pain on his part. Another pocket bomb and set of footprints were found. After this the group left for office to see what progress Gus McBearden had made in his efforts.

Artemis Hellstrom was visiting a “Magical Items” shop run by the questionable Eramus Spindle to see if any light could be shed. Through the conversations, he found that the items that had been fenced were being dropped off by an Orc coach driver for the illustrious Jacqueline Parsons. A known socialite and philanthropist.

We leave off with Artemis Hellstrom making his way back to the office questioning they things he has learned.


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