When magic wanes…

Long ago in the pages lost to history, magic was the dominant force. The abilities granted to those attuned to such a force could easily shape the world around them as they see fit. But something has happened to this world. Mages and sorcerers became less sensitive to the ebb of magical power. Was it humanity becoming less attuned, or was it something deeper? Was the source drying out? No one truly knew, but gone were the days of monumental feats of sorcery.

With magic waning the ingenuity of the common man, not blessed as were the mages and sorcerers, began to prevail. Clockwork, steam, coal. Technology began to spring up to fill the gaps that magic could no longer control.

Now is a time teetering on a balance. Magic versus technology. Entropy versus order.

Can this balance be maintained?
Can magic be restored to its former glory, or will the growth of technology be the final nail in the coffin?

A World of Steam and Sorcery

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