A World of Steam and Sorcery

A New Thief Gang Hits Albion Streets

Gazette 1


Tensions are running high on the battlefields between our fair land and Crimea. Debates ensue on whether conscription will be a necessary measure. Talks of a new weapon deployment encourages a turn in the tides of war.

Spring Heeled Jacks

It has come to the attention of Scotland Yard that there is a new criminal menace prowling the streets of our fair city. Modus operandi appears to be targeting high class individuals perusing less than favorable locales. It is advised that one should take extra caution when in the eastern districts of the city. Patrols will be increased in these areas.

The group now being referred to as the Spring-Heeled Jacks was apparently able to operate silently until now by targeting individuals in less than savory situations. It was brought to the attention of Scotland Yard when GingerStache Investigations revealed that they broke a thugging case and in the process found a number of stolen goods in a cache.

The yard is asking that if anyone has information on the Spring-Heeled Jacks to please come forward.

Below is an image of what the assailants look like based off testomonies of the accosted.



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