A World of Steam and Sorcery

Vampires and Thralls

Session 3

The group was shown to the Aetheric Division, and more specifically the office of one Lord George Mace. He was a slender Eldren Man sitting behind an oak desk with green felting on the top and currently looking through what looked like case files.

As Lassiter introduced the group,Sean Dresden began babbling his case unwarrented. Edendalia calmed him down and began clarifying the finer points of the case to the inspector. As the discussion came to an end, Mace agreed that the Aetheric Division would look into Barsavi and his residence. Edendalia asked to check in on the case later and was allowed. Mace commented that this may just be nothing more than an illegal practitioner of Thaumaturgy and the guild would likely be involved in this investigation as well.

Artemis Hellstrom made his way back into Mayfair to visit “Blood, Bath, and Beyond” for the ticket. Upon arriving he was greeted byThe Contessa de Mirenburg who handed him the ticket for the Charity Ball. She thanked him for his work as Arabella had returned. Artemis asked if there was anything different about her. The Madame replied with that her skin was pallor in complexion but nothing else.

When Artemis got back to Sean Dresden‘s book shop he reported about Arabella’s condition. The group then looked further into the lore of Nosferatu. While looking for information Sean Dresden asked for help from his deceased grandfather. Grandma instead answered his call by hurling a tome at his skull. All that remained were campfire stories to chill the bones. It would seem there was much lore on weaknesses such as sunlight , garlic, and stakes. It seemed that the may not be concrete. What did seem interesting though was that the tome did go on and describe that there were apparently different bloodlines of Nosferatu. Not all who are bitten convert. Only those with the blood shall turn. Each bloodline called to a type of vampire. Seven types in all. Each with apparent pensions for particular vices. Greed, Lust, Gluttony…

The group also debated on a plan of what to do about retrieving the missing cane, now that they had the ticket to enter the Charity Ball. No concrete decision was made.

The group decided that Lust may be a fit for this Barsavi. Artemis Hellstrom made his way back into Mayfair to visit “Blood, Bath, and Beyond” one further time. He inquired about Arabella before this incident and found out that she had always been in high demand as she was top of her craft. It did not appear that her pallor was passed to patrons or other working ladies. He also found out that Barsavi would regularly contract an escort for some event or another about once a month.



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