A World of Steam and Sorcery

Of Missing Children

Session 6

A rapping came to the office doors of GingerStache Investigations. When Edendalia before her sttod an orc coachman wishing to have an audiance for his master. He was introduced as Thaddeus Turnball and after a bit of uncouth behavior on his part his master Jacqueline Parsons cleared the air and entered. Edendalia and Jacqueline discussed their recent encounter and Edendalia was thanked for her discretion about the source of the stolen goods. The Spring-Heeled Jacks may be known now but their members and leader are still phantoms. Edendalia warned her not to try not to actually harm anyone with this shenanigan. With that they bid adieu.

Sometime after, a second knock at the door. This time a well dressed servant handed over a sealed envelope and left. The letter stated that one Patricia Doyle would be interested in speaking to GingerStache Investigations on a private matter and that she would be sending a carriage at 3:00 PM to escort them to her residence in Kennsington.

As the party is driven into Kensington, they realize the streets becoming more and more packed with pedestrians. Eventually the carriage comes to a halt as the mob of individuals is too thick to move forward. It is then that the party hears the proclamations of a ring leader. When they look to see who it is, they find an individual dressed as a toy soldier and concealed behind a porcelain mask. His message is one to stir the might of the proletariat as they are being abused by the upper crust from factories to wars. There are peelers dispersed at the edges of the crowd attempting to keep the peace. In the distance Edendalia makes out the shape of Lord George Mace with a few men around him. He seems to have his focus on the disruptive figure and issuing orders to the men around him.

Seeing the tension building to a boiling point the group decided to tip the cabby and walk the remaining blocks on foot. As they lurched forward George Mace shot an aetheric blast at this toy soldier and a riot ensued. Not wishing to become a part of the hysteria GingerStache bolted down the blocks to their destination.

At their destination they were greeted by a Patricia Doyle and she led them to the parlor to talk on private matters. The group inquired about the conditions on the streets of Kensington and she scoffed the efforts of that “”/characters/tommy-atkins" class=“wiki-content-link”>Tommy Atkins" fellow to cause upheaval in the lower classes. Once in the parlor, she explained that her children, a son and a daughter, had gone missing. After the basic story unfolded of two perfect children vanishing in the night not to be found in the morning Mrs. Doyle gave the group permission to question staff and see the house for clues.

In the children’s bedroom, the group found no signs of struggle. Gus McBearden constructed a makeshift snare and alarm, placing it outside the window as it seemed like a viable point of entry to monitor. Edendalia questioned several of the staff. Most seemed to scoff the idea that the children were perfect. To them, they were spoiled brats. Doing as they pleased. One house maid though was different. She was the governess of the children, Carolyn. Most of the staff seemed to point finger at her. She seemed recluse and hiding information she may know. But she was unwilling to talk at the moment. Edendalia handed her a card with GingerStache Investigations address on it and left it at that for now. Further searching of the children’s bedroom uncovered the diary of one Henrietta. Inside there were passages talking of a Robert Doyle and the Ten Bells Pub.

Artemis Hellstrom seemed more interested in searching the house than questioning staff. He found his way to a locked door and decided to pick it to see what lay beyond. Perhaps information being held back? A maid noticed him doing such but took no care in reporting him as she had plenty on her list of tasks to do. Though, Artemis stating that it was standard protocol to search “every room” in an investigation may have helped sway her mind. Once inside he found what looked like an office for private meetings. Nothing out of the ordinary. Desk, chairs, a lamp, contracts on the desk, and another door. This door frame only covered by a thick silk curtain of dark red and black oriental patterning. Artemis made his way beyond the curtain and found quite a change of scenery. Salivating as he looked on this room was veritably decorated in oriental fashion. Almost like a high class opium den. Lounging chairs, silks over the windows, ornate sculptures and vases. All seemingly authentic. There was a ornately carved meersham pipe that caught Artemis’s eyes and a dragon scupture. Sean Dresden found Artemis perusing the room and felt very uneasy about the dragon sculpture. Something was wrong about it. The detail was amazing in the jade but… he felt as if this was an implement of mass destruction. Something about it was eerie. Like the eyes watched you.

The group met back up and headed back to the office to go over the details of what they had found. Gus McBearden and Sean Dresden decided to check out the Ten Bells Pub instead. While there they found Robert Doyle with many theatre friends around a table with a Lady Miriam. She seemed to have quite the following. She talked of beauty in all its forms and the group seemed almost drunk on her lecture. Gus became enamored with her as she fully accepted his quirky enthusiasm for clockwork devices. She saw this a a pure form of beauty. Sean questioned them about the missing children. A couple leads had come up. Robert had been taking them to the theatre that he works in, “The Pavillion”. A man by the name of Martin Croyle was introduced to the children. He is a revolutionary. The children were also introduced to a Dwarf named Harrington.



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