A World of Steam and Sorcery

A Well Kept Shop

Session 8

With the name Hannah Morgan in hand Dresden led by Gus head out to see what she may know of the visions that members had experienced. Expecting to find another grease streaked inventor amid the chaos of parts and experiments, Dresden instead finds that her facilities to be in perfect order. Cubbies of different parts lined the walls each with a label. A current work on a table with plans pinned in place and each part and tool laid out in a determined arrangement. There was no sign of grease or dust. Files on her work neatly filed and alphabetized for convenience. Hannah Morgan greeted her visitors in a very civil and calm matter. She removed her working gloves and smock which seemed custom fit to her hands and laid them on the table. She was the perfect reflection of her laboratory. Not a smudge of grease or dirt on her. Her hair was pulled into a tight bun as to keep it from interfering with her work, and on top of that her clothes both fashionable and tidy. Dresden looked at the orderly shop and artificer, then to Gus, and back obviously confused as the sight was unlike the inventors he knew. After pleasantries and some discussion, Hannah Morgan’s opinion is that what he described is not a marvel, nor a golem. What was described would fit more closely to that of archaic high magic of a level unattainable in this age of depreciated magic or possibly a sealed being breaking the bonds of its container. She advised the team to reference literature on ancient myths and cultures. Upon leaving Dresden informed her of his bookstore.

In the meantime, Artemis Hellstrom headed out to Wapping with intent to find Harrington.



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