Artemis Hellstrom

Middle Class Human Thief


Name: Artemis “The Fonz” Hellstrom
Place of Birth: Germany
Religion: Die blutpony
Occupation: Freelance Item Recovery

“If you don’t get caught, you deserve everything you steal.”

Known Associates:
The Contessa de Mirenburg (Brothel Madam) : Upon arrival in London, Artemis needed to find somewhere to lay low when counting down the hours to the night. What better place than a seedy joint surrounded by some of London’s finest. Due to his charming personality (or perhaps his knack of providing fine jewelry and precious stones), he quickly became a favorite of the establishments management. Though their relationship is strictly professional, Artemis and the Contessa can be found many nights swapping stories over a fine vintage, generously provided by an unknown patron.
Sam Cadia (Mid-Class Caser) : To expect an individual to scour all of London alone in search of luxuries waiting to be lifted would be ludicrous. Enter Sam, Artemis trusty partner in crime. Believed to be a long time family ground keeper on the Hellstrom Estate, Sam actually is the other half of the brains behind lining the halls (and pockets) of the house. A childhood friend that wanted to elevate himself out of the mundane everyday life running the family business. When these two are seen together, expect mishief to shortly follow.
Eramus Spindle (Mid-Class Fencer) : Artemis was in dire need of someone to offload his scores to. Unfortunately the underworld of London does not look kindly on foreigners freeing their citizens of their riches. While out for a stroll one foggy morning, he came across a street vendor whose charisma was wasted on streets. Offering to start the man off with a small nondescript shop of his own, he created a mutually beneficial partnership. He would provide the goods, Eramus would find someone willing to purchase the item without questioning its origin.
Amberlina derAmsel (It can’t be THE Amberlina derAmsel, surely this is jest)

Could be found at:
Blood, Bath and Beyond

Remarks: He’s savvy, just, and perhaps a little too uncontrolled. This isn’t surprising considering for someone with his skills.

Born to a small family within the merchant quadrant of Koln, Artemis lived a relatively innocent middle class life until he was about 17 years old. It was at this point things began to change and Artemis discovered that there was more excitement in this world outside the walls of the family estate. Granted with most things a boy his age could desire, Artemis became bored and determined it was time to seek out that which proved a higher station in life. Sure he had the clothes, the fine breeds in the stables and perhaps a complex marvel here or there, but where was the fun in working to attain these things. Being much too noble to do any real grunt work, Artemis looked elsewhere for a means to ascend. Luckily his curiosity was sparked by a string of burglaries that occurred in a city over from his. Recalling the ease in which he used to open the private rooms within the estate, Artemis set out to perfect a method that would leave little trace of his comings and goings. Taking advantage of the vast family library at his disposal, he began gathering knowledge about any lock he may encounter. First attempting his craft on the summer homes of nearby nobles during the chillier months, he set to work. While it was an issue at first finding the correct tools for the job, he discovered he still had quite a knack for the skill itself only leaving evidence of his break in on the 1st couple houses. It was during this time that he rekindled a friendship with Sam Cadia, a childhood friend considered too unruly by his family in earlier years.

Artemis became quite adept at the craft of lifting baubles, it is even rumored he was gutsy enough to break into the house of some German minor royalty.

Due to circumstances out of his control his parents sent him to London to oversee the estate of his late uncle (and sweep their childs alleged crimes under the rug). His parents felt he would be too consumed in managing the needs of the household and would give up the “Hobby” that was actually becoming his first means of fun and financial freedom. Luckily he was able to sneak Sam onto the London bound Zeppelin as well, thus the fun continued. Once settled, Artemis and Sam set out to visit the lucky winners of the Cleared-Your-House sweepstakes. Unfortunately his bravado was short lived. While attempting to offload the takings from a previous night, Artemis was apprehended by small time bounty hunter Edendalia Stache who was looking for the missing items. However rather than turn him in, she instead coerced him to provide services for her up and coming Gingerstache Investigation.

Artemis Hellstrom

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