Edendalia Stache

Middle Class Human Bounty Hunter



  1. Gerald Temen (High Class Informant)
  2. Toby Thomas (Mid Class Informant)
  3. Patience Scroggins (Low Class Informant)

Edendalia grew up the only child of a widower constable in a large town in northern Albion. Disregarding her father’s advice, she decided to follow in his footsteps and become a constable herself.

Unfortunately, while going through training, she discovered that she had very little patience for following the orders of idiots and even less for the chauvinistic attitudes of many of her peers.

More than that, she found that her moral makeup was a bit grayer than what they normally liked to see in new recruits. While she hated seeing anyone hurt, Edendalia was never particularly bothered by the concept of bribes and blackmail. She was never able to lock up an urchin for stealing when it was only food they needed to survive. Nor was she above putting laxatives and hallucinogens in her superior’s tea right before a three hour debriefing so that everyone could see the kind of crazy shit he was full of.

Given her somewhat aggressive personality, it was to the surprise of exactly no one when her time at the precinct came to an ignominious end.

After a long conversation with her father in which she grudgingly admitted he might know what he was talking about, they agreed her best course of action was to move to London and become a bounty hunter. After a few years getting her feet under her and meeting some interesting people, she established GingerStache Investigations with the hope of being able to make a more reputable name for herself.

In the years since she left home, her abrasive, hot-headedness has worn down some and her patience has grown out of necessity to deal with some of her crazier associates. She remains a determined defender of those in need, an ambivalent sometime-employee of those with means, and, of course, an all-around badass.

Edendalia Stache

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