A World of Steam and Sorcery

Of Canes and Devil Thieves
Session 1

We begin such an adventure as many do… with a lack of adventure. The party is found assembled at the Headquarters of GingerStache Investigations in Marylebone. There has been a lull in crime as of recent and they have not seen much of any intrigue in the cases they receive. It is on this dim and foggy morning that a Gnome walks through the door. An odd sight for the morning, as gnomes are mostly comfortable in nocturnal settings. He introduces himself as Sir Richard Albertson and presents them with a case.

It would seem that as this Hermeticist Physician was returning from a shift at a clinic he works at he was mugged in Whitechapel. Nothing too severe. But when he came to, his cane was missing. A wyrmwood cane with silver knot work at the top holding in a sizable emerald stone. He claims that he uses it to aid in exorcism. He would like it back as soon as possible and offers £1 per day for each member if found within 48 hours and then a £1 for the entire group for any time taken past that.

Although there seemed to be missing details about his story that seemed fishy, he did seem genuine in the fact that he was mugged and that he genuinely needed the cane back. The group agreed and set off to the sight where the mugging took place.

At the site, Sean Dresden contacted the Spirit Realm to give insight on the happenings of the night before. The spirits confirm the mugging and that the strike seemed to come from the rooftops. A set of footprints with the heels distinctly crushing the cobblestone and a small pocket bomb was found. Gus McBearden took the pocket bomb back to his workshop for further analysis. Edendalia decided to question some of the local flavor she used as informants in the region. They headed to a nearby gambling den run by Patience Scroggins. Negotiations were rocky at first but after a hard run down of reality by Edendalia, the name of a recent gang of thieves came up: The Spring-Heeled Jacks. The Jacks seem to target the wealthy and pawn off the goods in Marlyebone. They also came up with the locations of muggings and the missing items.

Artemis Hellstrom chose to break off from the group and investigate a fencing contact he had. The remaining members headed to the next site.

In his workshop, Gus McBearden attempted to discern the chemical agents in the pocket bomb and inadvertently caused the hallucinogenic gas to spray in his face. After which he took the time to reconstruct the bomb but failed in doing so completely. It looked like the bomb but would fall apart at the slightest touch.

At the second site, Sean Dresden once again contacted the Spirits, yet was denied evidence as it had been too long since the crime. Edendalia found darts in the wall and they were taken as evidence. Footprints were also found with the same heel pattern.

At the third site, Sean Dresden was distinctly denied by the spirit realm of any information causing a small amount of physical pain on his part. Another pocket bomb and set of footprints were found. After this the group left for office to see what progress Gus McBearden had made in his efforts.

Artemis Hellstrom was visiting a “Magical Items” shop run by the questionable Eramus Spindle to see if any light could be shed. Through the conversations, he found that the items that had been fenced were being dropped off by an Orc coach driver for the illustrious Jacqueline Parsons. A known socialite and philanthropist.

We leave off with Artemis Hellstrom making his way back to the office questioning they things he has learned.


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